Hong Kong blogger: Only when there is a nation can there be a home

Wong Yu Sum is a student at Beijing Language and Culture University, majoring in Japanese.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Wong decided to study in Beijing to enrich her knowledge of her Chinese roots. "Since the political and social incidents took place in Hong Kong in 2019, I found that most Hong Kong young people don't have the concept of their own country," Wong said. In 2020, she started vlogging about her life in Beijing to help young people in Hong Kong better understand their national identity.

Wong's videos have received a lot of support and encouragement, although she admits there were also attacks from some viewers. "Some people are afraid of the rapid development of China, so whenever they see positive news or stories about China, they choose not to believe them," Wong said.

With two more years to go before graduation, Wong hasn't thought much about her future plans. "But, I would love to stay in Beijing and explore more after graduation," she told CGTN.

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