Leader of Hong Kong's biggest political party calls for unity to build a better future
By Zheng Yibing

The chairperson of Hong Kong's largest political party says the city has entered "a time of responsible leadership" and her party will work to unite all sections of society to address the region's problems.

"I believe at a time of good governance, there could be more and better policies to solve the deep-seated problems facing Hong Kong," said Starry Lee Wai-king, chairperson of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB).

Lee said her proposed plan to facilitate executive-legislative relations will help maintain close communication between lawmakers, the people, and the government.

"The new relationship enables legislative council members from any party to share their ideas and opinions with the government and public. So, when a policy is launched, it has already taken into account public opinions," she noted.

Lee said there are also other things that should have been done better in the city since Hong Kong returned to the motherland 25 years ago.

After the return of Hong Kong to the motherland, it wasted a lot of unnecessary time in internal frictions and got stuck in deep-seated problems, she said.

Lee called on everybody to seize the opportunity during this time of good governance to let the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government lead the city towards a better future.

"As a political party, we will unite all sections of society, get into the communities, and solve these problems together," she said.

Lee says Hong Kong must use the "One country, Two systems" principle to contribute to the development of the whole country and projects like the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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