Gen-Zs 'restore' Chinese city of Guangzhou by virtual game and wool felt | 1.4 Billion: Gen-Z

Huo Kaiyang, born in 1997, is a 3D scene builder. In 2021, he posted the video of him rebuilding a virtual Chinese city of Guangzhou in a game, gaining nearly two million views. Luo Shengtian, a student at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, has been restoring damaged parts of city's constructions with a flower-shaped wool felt. His Flower-shaped Patch Project has even attracted participants outside China. Both born in 1997, these Gen-Zs have been “restoring” the city they live in their own special ways - one in the virtual world, and one in the real world.

Reporters: Yan Bingxuan, Wu Zitian, Dai Wei, Wang Song, Lai Yuying, Guo Xiangyu and Lin Lili

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