Post-95 Hong Kong Youth make breakthroughs in Greater Bay Area | 1.4 Billion: Gen-Z

The "Greater Bay Area Outline Development Plan" was released three years ago. After studying abroad, Chen Huilan came to Guangzhou in Guangdong Province to become a staff member of the Guangzhou Nansha District Government Affairs' Data Administration to provide services for the people. Chen Yuantong passed the Hong Kong SAR Government's Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Program and stayed in Guangzhou to become an assistant researcher at the "One Country, Two Systems Youth Forum," serving the Greater Bay Area. Faced with unknown opportunities and challenges, how do the two post-95 Hong Kong youth move forward? 

(Reporters: Wu Zitian, Wang Song, Lai Yuying, Dai Wei, Yan Bingxuan, Guo Xiangyu, Lin Lili)

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