Across the 'different' roads to championship | 1.4 Billion: Gen-Z

Deng Peicheng is keen on the traditional sport of track and field. He was born with congenital cerebral palsy and won the men's 100-meter T36 event at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics. He overcame physical obstacles because of his perseverance and used his gold medal to tell the world we are all the same, despite our differences.

Li Jianpeng is in love with a street sport that his family didn't always understand – longboarding. He is trying to show people that longboarding can also be graceful and hopes to combine the sport with traditional Chinese culture in the future.

Editors: Han Xi, Zhang Lili

Reporters: Lai Yuying, Wu Zitian, Yan Bingxuan, Wang Song, Lin Minghao, Guo Xiangyu, Lin Lili, Liu Fan, Wang Qian, Huang Lulu, Qu Xin

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