Rescued national second-class protected birds return back to the wild

Chongqing Zoo, together with the Chongqing Planning and Natural Resources Bureau and the Forestry Volunteer Service Team, released a batch of rescued national second-class protected birds of prey back into the wild on July 8 in a forest in Jiulongpo District, southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.

"This area is relatively rich in food for the birds that we just released, which is beneficial for their growth. It's also far from residential areas, with a better natural environment that is not easily disturbed by humans," said Xing Ke, captain of Jiulongpo District Forestry Volunteer Service Team.

The birds include a falcon, a brown hawk-owl and seven tawny owls.

They had been sent to Chongqing Zoo's Wildlife Rescue Center earlier this year for treatment due to illness, distress and undernourishment.

Further monitoring and rescue will be carried out to ensure their health and to avoid any impact on the local ecological system.

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