5G is a technological innovation for the world to share: MOFA

5G is a technological innovation for the world to share, and any attempt to interfere in 5G development would impede access to 5G worldwide, Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said at a regular press briefing on Monday. 

Earlier on Friday, U.S. President Joe Biden said in a briefing during his visit to Saudi Arabia that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will strengthen cooperation in developing 5G and 6G networks, and the relevant technology solution will out compete other platforms, including from China. 

The U.S. has used national security as a pretext and all its apparatus to suppress and sanction China's Huawei, cutting off its access to chips and operating systems, and coerced countries around the world into banning Huawei from their 5G rollout.  

Former UK Business and Industry Minister Vince Cable said the government's decision to ban Huawei's 5G equipment and services "had nothing to do with national security", and was because "the Americans told us we should do it." 

"Any attempt to interfere in 5G development, application and cooperation through administrative means or even resorting to bullying and coercion would only impede access to 5G worldwide, particularly in developing countries," said Wang. 

Wang said it is also against the principle of fair competition and inconsistent with the common interests of the international community. 

In recent years, countries and carriers in the Middle East, including the Gulf region have had excellent cooperation with Chinese companies in the 5G sector, which have benefited people on both sides tremendously, according to Wang. 

"This has had a demonstration effect for efforts to develop high quality Belt and Road cooperation. This is also evidence of the quality, security and reliability of Chinese information technologies," said Wang. 

China believes that the vast majority of countries in the world, including those in the Middle East and the Gulf region, will make independent policy decisions based on their own interests, and create an open, fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment for businesses from China and elsewhere in the world, Wang added. 

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