Israel launches plan to rehabilitate southern Jordan River

Israel on Sunday announced a plan to restore and develop the southern course of the Jordan River.

The plan aims to increase the amount of water and cut pollution in the Israeli section of the river by establishing a new desalination facility that will treat the polluted and salty water and make it suitable for agricultural purposes, Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection said in a statement.

"The rehabilitation of the southern Jordan River is more essential than ever and is possible due to the restoration of Israel's relations with Jordan, which allow both sides to address the issue jointly, along with international support," it said.

Israel hopes the Israeli section of the river will develop into a clean habitat with rich biodiversity and a tourist attraction, the statement said.

Today, only about 70 million cubic meters of water flow in the southern course per year, which is mostly polluted and salty due to the activity of a nearby sewage treatment plant.

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Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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