Hainan Expo 2022: Companies go green to drive low-carbon future
Updated 22:50, 28-Jul-2022
Wang Mengjie

Asia's biggest consumer goods expo is in full swing, with over 2,800 brands on display from China and abroad.

Low-carbon and sustainable-growth products are among the highlights of this year's China International Consumer Products Expo, also known as the Hainan Expo.

Companies that work on sustainability showcased eco-friendly products that could drive a low-carbon future.

For example, riding a bike in itself is green with zero carbon emissions. But, a Chinese company has made it even greener by using environmentally-friendly production materials.

"Green commuting is an eco-friendly lifestyle in itself, and we select green materials to make our products," said Song Kun, brand department director of Taishan Sports.

Song said the company used non-biodegradable carbon fiber previously, but those cannot be decomposed. However, Song stressed that they now use degradable materials so that different parts of the bike can be re-used when the vehicle is no longer useable.

A sustainable consumption forum to further stress the importance of protecting the environment was held on Wednesday on the sidelines of the expo.

"Despite COVID-19, China's total retail sales of consumer goods reached over 21,000 billion yuan in the first half of this year, indicating a strong market potential," said Sun Yan, from the department of market operation and consumption promotion of Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

At the forum, Sun said the government is glad to see that many brands have paid attention to sustainable development at this year's expo, and presented products with low-carbon emissions to shoulder their own responsibilities as part of the community.

Sun also called on more companies to join China's Global Development Initiative to accelerate the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

(Cover via CGTN)

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