Chart of the day: More than 1.7 mass shootings every day in the U.S.

On Sunday, at least seven shooting victims were hospitalized after a mass shooting in downtown Orlando, Florida. As of Sunday, the U.S. has had at least 385 mass shootings this year, according to the latest data from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a non-profit organization that tracks gun-related violence in the country. That's an average of more than 1.7 mass shootings every day.

The GVA defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter. In the first month of 2022, there were 34 mass shootings in the U.S., resulting in 42 deaths and 112 injuries. According to the data recorded by the GVA, mass shootings occurred more and more frequent in the following months. In July, there were 88 mass shootings in the U.S., which more than doubled in January. There were 65 people killed and 387 people injured due to the mass shootings in July. From January to July, there were 392 deaths and 1,676 injuries due to the mass shootings.

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