PLA Day: Chinese soldiers take part in at-sea military training
Bi Ran

In east China's Shandong Province, the 80th Group Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is conducting seasonal at-sea training to enhance combat capabilities, and ground and sea multitasking skills.

August 1 marks the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese PLA. To enhance solders' military readiness and standardize at-sea training programs, soldiers will take part in underwater and surface operation training, to learn how to use tools and equipment such as weapons, helicopters, rubber boats and first aid kits.

Li Qingkun, commander of the Reconnaissance Battalion of the 80th Group Army, told CGTN that the training covers both basic and special skills. "Every army member needs to be able to swim and handle search and rescue operations after this training season," he added.

To perform efficiently in sometimes hazardous and life-threatening conditions in the water, land forces need to meet a high-standard level of performance at sea. According to the sea field training curriculum, this year's training courses include a beach session for energy preservation, a shallow water course to standardize moves, and deep-sea work.

In water operation training courses, trainees need to first meet the requirements for 200-meter nonstop swimming in a shallow area and 800-meter nonstop swimming in deep water, before taking part in equipped swimming training. Trainers will also teach soldiers to deal with body cramps, avoid drowning, and carry out equipped swimming and long-distance armed swimming.

"We will further improve commanders' leadership via training, as well as soldiers' physical capabilities and military readiness, laying a solid foundation for military multitasking," Si Jiping, staff officer of the 80th Group Army, said.

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