Shanghai welcomes fun events as city recovers from COVID-19 outbreak
Chen Tong

As Shanghai recovers from its worst COVID-19 outbreak, fun events and activities have made a comeback.

One of them is the Museum of Ice Cream, which provides a multi-sensory experience with immersive installations. It officially opened to the public on July 31.

With pink as the theme color, the museum itself is an indoor carnival completed with a carousel, a slide and claw machines – all to be found inside the museum. 

The sweet feast has attracted many young people.

"The name of the show gives me a cool feeling. And it has given us many pleasant experiences. For example, the swimming pool here is combined with fresh and sweet feelings. I like it very much," Nicole Yang, a visitor said.

Others think no visit is complete without photos.

"I like to take photos and post them on my social media accounts. I was at home for a long time during the COVID outbreak. So I just want to take some nice photos outside. It's pinker and larger than I expected," said visitor Piggy Zhang.

The Museum of Ice Cream comes from New York and has delighted five cities globally. Shanghai is the museum's first China stop.

Shanghai's worst COVID-19 outbreak caused many entertainment outlets and events to be suspended over the past few months, but with the recent recovery, postponed pop-up shows are back.

Also at the commercial plaza Taikoo Li Qiantan, where the Museum of Ice Cream is at, there's a free exhibition called BAGS Inside Out to showcase 240 collectors' bags.

Winnie Leung, assistant marketing director at Taikoo Li Qiantan, said Shanghai consumers coming to shopping mall are not necessarily there to shop, but to look for something fun to do.

The mega-shopping mall hopes having two shows running simultaneously can energize Shanghai consumers.

"Indeed, I think Shanghai has long been waiting for some happy moments. Bringing two pop-ups, we really want to come over, apart from shopping, to enjoy and live well," said Leung.

Shanghai postponed its May "Double-Five" shopping festival and it is now ongoing between August to September. The event includes all types of commercial activities across the city and shopping coupons being given to Shanghai consumers.

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