Chinese mainland suspends selected imports from Taiwan region
Updated 14:32, 03-Aug-2022

The Chinese mainland has suspended imports of citrus fruits, chilled white striped hairtail and frozen mackerel from the Taiwan region starting August 3 to prevent risks, the General Administration of Customs (GAC) said on Wednesday. 

Planococcus minor, a highly polyphagous mealybug, was found in multiple batches of citrus fruits imported from Taiwan since last year, the GAC said in a statement.   

In June, chilled white striped hairtail and frozen mackerel imported from Taiwan tested positive for COVID-19, according to the statement. 

China's GAC released two new regulations on import and export food safety last year, including requirements for overseas food safety assessment and inspection, registration and filing of importers and exporters, product labeling, and food safety risk management.

Both regulations, Measures for the Safety Administration of Imported and Exported Food (GAC Decree No.249) and the Administrative Provisions on Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food (GAC Decree No.248), took effect on January 1 of this year.

Taiwan's agriculture regulator offered help for local businesses to comply with the new rules since they were published but some of them still have not completed registration as required, local media reported on Wednesday.

Each year, 45 percent of Taiwan's fruit exports relies on the Chinese mainland, local media reported. 

(Cover via CFP)

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