Official poster unveiled for 12th Beijing International Film Festival

The official poster for the 12th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) was revealed on Thursday.

Official poster for the 12th BJIFF. /BJIFF

Official poster for the 12th BJIFF. /BJIFF

With Chinese red as the primary color and using the traditional Chinese art of silk-painting, the Great Wall is transformed into the shape of a filmstrip in the poster. Staging the scene of contemporary China, the magnificent rivers and mountains and the story of the Chinese future is ongoing in the projector's light.

The Great Wall is a unique symbol of Chinese civilization. It symbolizes the spirit of the Chinese people.

In the embrace of the Great Wall, the National Stadium representing the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the Big Air Shougang representing the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games stand out against each other, showcasing the glory of Beijing as the world's unique "dual Olympic city."

The theme of the 12th BJIFF is "United We Advanced."

The theme is an invitation from the 12th BJIFF to friends worldwide and a resounding answer from Chinese filmmakers to the new journey of the new era.

The BJIFF will be held from August 13 to 20.

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