Grassroots basketball league in Guizhou, China goes viral
Sports Scene

In Taijiang, Guizhou Province, the rapidly growing popularity of games from the "Beautiful Village" Basketball League was immense and going viral on the Internet while the meager stands at the outdoor court were already packed well beyond capacity. 

This basketball court has gathered thousands of villagers from Taijiang County as well as surrounding areas. Some spectators even came from hundreds miles away for the games. There were 16 teams competing in the "Beautiful Village" Basketball League and most players are villagers. Games were held throughout the day, and only the best team in each group can advance to the next phase. 

Wang Shenglong, the captain of the Taijiang team, is one of those energetic players on the court. He started to learn basketball from his father in middle school, and now the local veteran has played basketball for 16 years.

"We used to play on mud, using self-made basketball stands. But with the development of rural areas, our village now has a standard basketball court. Everyone on this court plays with great energy and effort, and we believe our team will do better next time", said Wang.

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