UNHCR China Representative: 2022's Refugee "Milestone" a Call for Action
Wang Guan , CGTN

This year, we have already crossed the unwanted "milestone" of 100 million refugees worldwide due to a combination of conflict and climate change. With estimates that the number of climate refugees alone could hit 200 million by 2050, the Hub with Wang Guan looks at the work of the UN refugee agency UNHCR, China's contribution in their humanitarian operations, and the support from the "flexible" Chinese private sector that becomes a godsend during emergencies. 

In this exclusive, the UNHCR Representative in China, Vanno Noupech, talks about his own life in a refugee camp as a 14-year-old, what's being done in Ukraine, and why China's Global Development Initiative is getting attention. With the refugee issue often getting politicized, the message is simple: Show compassion. "Everyone wants to return home."


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