The Spreading Shadow: Japan should not follow the United States

The feature program "The Spreading Shadow" investigates the role played by the United States and NATO in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and reveals the negative impact the economic sanctions imposed on Russia has had on Europe and the wider world. The program also investigates the potentially damaging effects of the efforts by the United States – specifically through the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework – and NATO to gain influence in the Asia-Pacific region. 

In this video, Professor Shiratori Hiroshi from Hosei University in Tokyo talks about Japan's role in the Asia-Pacific, especially amid the conflict. "Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, the world has become more opposed and divided, and the risk of the second Cold World exists. Japan should not intensify confrontation in Asia, but should work with other countries to create harmony. The United States' policy is to create confrontation and division in Asia, and especially, to treat China as the enemy. Japan should not follow the United States on this," he said. 

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