China refutes UK concern over military drills around Taiwan island

Chinese Ambassador to Britain Zheng Zeguang on Wednesday refuted the so-called concern of UK side over China's military drills around Taiwan island as he met senior official from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the Chinese embassy said.

Zheng firmly rejected and strongly condemned the UK side's irresponsible rhetoric about China's legitimate and necessary response to U.S. House Speaker's Taiwan visit.

"It is crystal clear who provoked the tension in the Taiwan strait. The U.S. side and 'Taiwan independence' forces should be held responsible for the escalation of tensions," the embassy said in a slew of tweets. "No foreign country, UK included, has the right to meddle with the internal affairs of China. What UK should do is to follow through its pledge on the one-China principle and rectify any behavior which is to the contrary."

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