Taiwan businessmen call for closer cross-strait ties
Meng Qingsheng

In response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to China's Taiwan region, People's Liberation Army has been conducting joint combat exercises and training in the waters and airspace around the Taiwan island.

As CGTN finds out in East China's Xiamen, a city near the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan businessmen have been closely following the situation, and many of them have voiced their opposition against "Taiwan independence" and support for closer interaction between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

Lu Hsuan-Ta, from northern Taiwan, who came to the city more than 10 years ago and is now the owner of an ice cubes making business in Xiamen. He said more open lines of communication could help reduce the current tensions across the strait.

"The mainland and Taiwan share the same origin, language and cultures. We should interact and communicate more with each other," Lu told CGTN. 

"It's the best way for people on both sides to live in peace, as we're one family. A complete reunification is an irresistible result, and for people on both sides, it's also the best result," Lu said.

Liu Wen-yi, from central Taiwan, has been running a food business – which includes selling fruits – in Xiamen for three years. However, as the mainland has suspended the entry of citrus fruits and some fish products, he's feeling the pinch.

According to Liu, fruit farmers and suppliers in Taiwan have been waiting for things to improve. 

"We have already paid the deposit and placed the order. And the shops on the mainland are urging us to supply goods, but due to the current situation, the logistics have been suspended. It has a big impact on my business," Liu explained to CGTN. 

"The solution now is to suspend cooperation with the suppliers, and let them sell these fruits and food in Taiwan instead," he added.

Xiamen has taken a leading role in improving cross-strait relations. Since 1983, the city has rolled out favorable policies to attract investment from Taiwan.

However, the latest live-fire military drills feature a realistic combat-scenario in the sea and air off Taiwan island. Experts said they've showcased the Chinese military's absolute superiority and control over the Taiwan region.

"I think 'Taiwan independence' forces must be fully wiped out and enterprises operating on the mainland should never be allowed to bring money back to Taiwan to support its independence," said Jia Ying Wu, the President of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen.

"Of course, our best hope is peaceful reunification, but if the Democratic Progressive Party continues to collude with external forces, to be honest, we also support the mainland to use force."

Chinese government says earlier many firms from the Taiwan region get assistance on expanding their businesses on the mainland, and  they have been encouraged to explore in fields such as the digital economy, artificial intelligence and green energy. Officials said it's a move designed to help such Taiwan firms, share the benefits of the mainland's economic growth.

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