The End of Heat: When summer days are flown! Thy music still!

The end of the heat, or Chu Shu in Chinese, is the 14th solar term on the Chinese lunar calendar, which falls on August 23 this year. It's time to grab the tail of the summer. Let's enjoy this late summer scenery at Wenyu River Park in Beijing! ↓↓↓


Here is the poem "Like a Dream" by Li Qingzhao (1084-1155) from the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Always remember the pavilion beside a brook

Drunken not knowing the way home at dusk

To our hearts' content, we were rowing back

Entering deep in water lotus by mistake

Scared water birds flying up when disturbed

During the temperature shift from summer heat to autumn chill, it's recommended to have foods that protect the stomach and moisten the lungs.

Summer for thee, grant I may be.

When summer days are flown!

Thy music still!

I've selected one of the most liked answers from the last episode. This friend likes the Chinese character 鸿 (hong), which in Chinese means a species of wild swan. Here you go! Hope you like this handmade gift!

Text: Qiu Yu

Script editor: Mark McIntyre

Cover image designer: Jia Jieqiong

Chief editor: Lin Dongwei

Project manager: Zhang Xiaohe

Producer: Liu Yuqi

Executive producer: Zhang Shilei

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