New moth species discovered in SE China

Chinese scientists have found a new moth species belonging to family Notodontidae in Wuyi Mountain National Park in southeast China's Fujian Province.

Related research was published in the taxonomic journal Zootaxa in July.

The new species, Neopheosia pseudofasciata, was detected during a joint biological resource assessment conducted by the Scientific Observation and Research Station of Wuyi Mountain National Park, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, South China Agricultural University and other organizations. Along with the new Notodontidae species, eight other new species were also discovered in this assessment project in Wuyi Mountain National Park.

Wuyi Mountain National Park, located in the northeastern part of Fujian Province, has one of the largest and most complete mid-subtropical virgin forest ecosystems in the world. It is known as a hot spot for insects. Many rare and endemic species settle in the forests.

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