U.S. should stop sending wrong signals to 'Taiwan independence' forces: spokesperson

The U.S. should avoid sending any more wrong signals to "Taiwan independence" separatist forces, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday.

Zhao made the remarks regarding a question about the U.S. White House official John Kirby's accusations of China escalating the situation in the Taiwan Straits.

It is the U.S. and Taiwan separatist forces, not China, that seeks to change the status quo across the Taiwan Straits, he said.

The Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China. The "Taiwan independence" forces' attempt to solicit foreign support including the U.S.'s to advance their agenda is the source of the current tensions in the Taiwan Straits, he added.

Earlier, the White House Press Secretary said the U.S. will conduct military exercises in the future with a view toward guiding the situation in western Pacific toward greater stability.

In response to the U.S. position, Zhao said if the U.S. truly wants to guide the situation towards greater stability, it should immediately return to the one-China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiqués.

(Cover: A view of Taipei City, Taiwan, China. /CFP)

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