Spring in Hexigten Series | Episode 3: Life's adventure

As Dalinur Lake thaws, migratory birds arrive to embrace spring. Flocks of relict and common black-headed gulls line up by the lake, waiting for the long-expected feast. 

Originating in the Greater Hinggan Mountains, the Gonggeer River swells each spring with melting snows. The meltwater flows along the riverbed toward the Dalinur Lake as a crucial source of freshwater. Leuciscus waleckii is commonly known as the Amur ide. As the snow starts to melt, they embark on their migration upstream to spawn and breed. 

About 'Journeys in Nature': Spring in Hexigten Series

In this series, we take you on an adventure in a mostly overlooked area in China's northwest. Dive deep into the spring of Hexigten in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and experience the vibrant lives in a land with diverse landscapes.

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