Hodgson's frogmouth: A bird that looks least like a bird

If there is a list of the birds that look the least like a bird, Hodgson's frogmouth definitely has a place at the top. Check out these photos taken by a contributing bird lover.

Hodgson's frogmouth, like its name suggests, has a mouth like a frog. During the day, they can stand on a tree, stick out their neck and stay still without moving for a long time. Their feathers blend perfectly with a withered tree branch, so much so that the locals in southwest China's Yunnan Province give them a nickname: tree bark bird.

In fact, mimicking a tree branch is a camouflaging strategy the nocturnal bird uses to fool insects such, as beetles or bees, before snapping them up like frogs.

Under second-class state protection, Hodgson's frogmouth is the only frogmouth species in China. Its only natural habitats in China are Yunnan Province and the Tibet Autonomous Region in the southwest.

(All images by Fang Qiaoran)

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