CGTN launches global 'Read a Poem' campaign – Yuqiong reads a poem in her mother tongue Cantonese, English
Updated 17:56, 12-Sep-2022

CGTN's Zheng Yuqiong, who's from Guangdong Province, reads a poem in her mother tongue, Cantonese, written by Guangdong poet Zhang Jiuling about family, homesickness and reunion as part of our "Read a Poem" campaign.

We launched the special event for the Mid-Autumn Festival and International Day of Peace in September. We invite you to read a poem in your native language featuring the themes of love and peace. Post the video with hashtag #readapoem# on social media and tag us, or send your video to our email address, 

Your video could be re-posted by CGTN's official account. Don't forget to say our slogan in the video: "I read this poem for you, though thousands of miles apart, poetry brings us the same beat of the heart."

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