Spectacular sea of clouds enveloping Yuntai Mountain in SW China

Located in northern Shibing county of southwest China's Guizhou Province, Yuntai Mountain is famous for its unique karst landform and spectacular clouds. The mountain gets the name "Yuntai" because its peak shapes like a platform and it is usually surrounded by clouds. The sea of clouds after the rain put a mysterious veil on the undulating mountain. 

In 2014, Yuntai Mountain, as a part of the South China Karst, was added to the Natural World Heritage list at the 38th World Heritage Convention held in Doha, Qatar. Guizhou Province is now home to four world natural heritage sites, including Yuntai Mountain, Libo Karst, Chishui Danxia and Fanjing Mountain. 

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(Cover image and video provided by Shibing Convergent Media Center.)

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