Shandong's agricultural prowess bolsters food security, boosts exports

In 2020, Shandong became the first Chinese province with annual agricultural output in excess of one trillion yuan or 143 billion US dollars. The province is not only a leading domestic supplier of grain, fresh produce and aquatic products, but also a major food exporter. In 2021, 22 percent of the farm goods shipped from China to overseas markets come from Shandong - more than any other provinces. In recent years, Shandong is also pivoting towards tech-driven and quality-oriented growth in the agriculture sector.

Editor's note: This report about the agricultural industry in Shandong Province is part of CGTN's special series "Fields of Hope" that focuses on China's continued rural vitalization strategy. The strategy was put forward by the Communist Party of China at its 19th National Congress in 2017. Follow CGTN for more stories from Shandong, China's largest farm goods exporting province.

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