8-year-old boy dreams of becoming China's Lionel Messi

Videos of Chen Jiayi, an eight-year-old boy with incredible football skills, have been trending on the Chinese internet.

Chen's father assisted him in training by assigning him daily missions such as juggling at specific times. He was always able to complete them.

"When I am tired from studying, I play football," Chen said. "It's as important as dinner to me."

Chen's father revealed that they took him to watch his brother play football games when he just began to walk. Even at that time, Chen wanted to join the big boys on the field.

Chen's family turned their living room into a little field for him to develop fundamental dribbling skills.

Many people commented on Chen's videos, suggesting he attend a professional football school, but Chen's father believes it's more important for his son to focus on fundamentals right now. He will let Chen decide whether he wants to become a professional player or continue his education.

When asked about his dream, Chen said he wants to become the Lionel Messi of China.

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