CGTN's global 'Read a Poem' campaign – Highlights of event for International Day of Peace
Updated 23:27, 21-Sep-2022

To welcome the International Day of Peace on September 21, CGTN has launched its global "Read a poem" campaign under the theme of "Peace and Poetry", and is calling on people from different national, linguistic and cultural backgrounds to send love and pray for peace through poetry. 

Let's review the highlights of the event. People read poems for peace and love in Mandarin, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, etc. 

To get the ball rolling, CGTN's hosts, internet influencers and reporters began publishing poems and recording reactions, which have since aroused extensive interactions among netizens.

The global "Read a poem" online campaign is a central component of CGTN's multilingual integrated product "Poetry Sans Frontiers."

"Poetry Sans Frontiers" uses poetry to express love, friendship, courage, praise for nature, and yearning for peace. Netizens can post a video of themselves reading poems with the theme of love and peace with the hashtag #readapoem and tag @CGTN.

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