Massive bridge tower in central China completes record-setting rotation

The main tower of a massive bridge in Xiangyang City rotated 84 degrees within 90 minutes on Tuesday, setting a new record in rack-and-pinion bridge technology. The bridge's main T5 tower has a 120.75-meter-long beam and weighs 32,000 tonnes, equal to three Eiffel Towers. The main bridge is 920 meters long and 37.5 meters wide, making it China's largest road-railway overpass in both span and scale. To ensure normal railway operation during construction, the design team built a 1:10 model and tested 29 possible case scenarios before the rotation started, which ultimately led them to a reliable rack-and-pinion mechanism. The Xiangyang North Marshaling Station Bridge project is slated for completion by the end of June next year.

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