Day1: Autumn adventure to a wild museum of biodiversity in SW China

When autumn falls, an adventure to the wild is a good way to cherish the amazing season. Named the "World Species Gene Bank", Gaoligong Mountains in southwest China's Yunnan Province is the best destination to discover the most fascinating flora and fauna in the country. 

Gaoligong Mountains runs from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and all the way south to the border of Yunnan and northern Myanmar. The range stretches over 600 kilometers which presents you a complex terrain and different kinds of weather.

Standing 5,128 meters above the sea level, the snowy Gawagapu is the highest peak of Gaoligong. The lowest point is Daying River, a tropical river running through ravines 210 meters above sea level. Rare species such as hoolock gibbons, Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys and Phayre's leaf monkeys can be seen in the range.

Golden Autumn in 7 Days

On this year's National Day, CGTN Nature presents a series "Golden Autumn in 7 Days", we select 7 destinations – Gaoligong Mountains in Yunnan Province, Changbai Mountains in Jilin Province, Altai Mountains in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Yellow River in Shanxi Province, Yifeng in Jiangsu Province, Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, to take you to enjoy a fantastic golden autumn around China! You can embrace the natural wonders, get close to wildlife and experience the happiness of harvesting of the year.  

(Cover image designed by Xing Cheng, video footages from Journeys in Nature' Gaoligong Mountains Series )

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