Global Thinkers Special: Going carbon neutral together?
Global Thinkers

Achieving global carbon neutrality by 2050 is a crucial part of tackling the climate emergency. But rising restrictions on coal and oil imports from Russia due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict have added an extra layer to the crisis. So now we must ask ourselves: how will the energy security crisis impact efforts to achieve carbon neutrality? Some say now is the best time to accelerate the global green energy transition. Others say we have to wait, with a difficult winter just around the corner. Amid such global energy uncertainty, how to keep carbon neutrality high on the political agenda of the world's major players? How can developing countries, including China, strike a balance between energy transition and security? What's at stake?

Prof. Teng Fei, Deputy Director, Institute of Energy Environment & Economy, Tsinghua University

Antony Froggatt, Deputy Director, Environment & Society Programme, Chatham House

Chris Greig, Senior Research Scientist, Princeton University 

Zhai Yongping, Senior Advisor on Carbon Neutrality, Tencent; Former Chief, Energy Sector Group, Asian Development Bank

Prof. Brendan Mackey, Director, Climate Action Beacon, Griffith University

Massamba Thioye, Project Executive, UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub, UN Climate Change Secretariat

Prof. Qi Ye, Science Hub, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology; School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University

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