The tale of a Jordanian merchant

Mohammad Falah Nasser is a Jordanian merchant in Yiwu, where he has lived for many years. Having started his import-export business with his college savings, he has grown his business from a small outfit to where he now exports small commodities from Yiwu to 13 countries and regions, including Jordan, Algeria and Morocco, via the China-Europe Railway Express.

Yiwu in Zhejiang Province is the world's largest small commodities market and distribution center. Thanks to the convenience brought by the China-Europe Railway Express, Yiwu has really flourished in recent years, exporting a far wider variety of goods than ever before and in much larger quantities. The train, which connects China with more than 180 cities in 23 countries, carries goods produced in China to Europe, from where they can reach every corner of the world. 

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