Chinese modernization for the benefit of all mankind
Updated 21:09, 31-Oct-2022
Meifang Zhang
Chinese modernization for the benefit of all mankind

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As we move beyond the profound and historic 20th National Congress of the CPC, we have fresh insights into what tomorrow holds for China and its people, as well as for the world and humanity. 

It's for the betterment of all to uplift people through a greater way forward as the prime take away from the leader of the Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping. The vision put forward by Xi also supports Chinese modernization, which is an inspiration for all.

Modernization is understood as adapting to the needs and habits, conditions of the times. It has been a long part of the human story. Recently, we have seen the good and bad of our modern society. The intention gets set by a nation and the world, while attention gets paid to those that might be marginalized. 

The 20th century was rich in its evolving modernity. But for whom precisely? We have seen through other variations of modernization an imbalance in benefits, one that has been revealed with greater transparency. It's the disparity between those few who have prospered and the many, who have not. The 20th century path is not sustainable, for a people or planet. A new and better way forward is required.

The Chinese are modernizing the nation in harmony with the planet, incorporating Chinese characteristics just as we have experienced socialism with the same qualities. It would be out of character for China to modernize while leaving many behind. 

It's a way to reward all people, answering to the needs of the many. And it's important to note that this is not an idealistic endeavor, but one that is already paying dividends to a country of nearly 1.5 billion people. It's more so when you consider the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI), Global Development Initiative (GDI) and other China-led initiatives that are lifting an entire world into modernity, a future shared, one for all humanity.

During the 20th National Congress, Xi expounded on his vision for the next five years, as well as reflecting on the many accomplishments of the last five and ten-year periods that include: Eradication of absolute poverty while achieving a moderately prosperous society in all respects; deepening reform while pursuing a more proactive strategy of opening up; implementing a philosophy of development that is people-centered; taking a global leadership role to promote harmony between a planet and people through green development of an unprecedented size an scope; leading an innovation revolution through advancements in education, science and technology; and ensuring the security and integrity of a country when faced with external forces that seek to divide a nation united as a people and Party.

These are no small feats. Accordingly, the Chinese (and those of the world), as well as the nation must deliver on its promises, its vision, and intentions.

A newly built community for poverty alleviation relocation at ancient Shexiang Town of Dafang County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, December 24, 2020. /Xinhua
A newly built community for poverty alleviation relocation at ancient Shexiang Town of Dafang County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, December 24, 2020. /Xinhua

A newly built community for poverty alleviation relocation at ancient Shexiang Town of Dafang County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, December 24, 2020. /Xinhua

It's a nation short on words, but long on action; meaningful actions for those people it serves and does so dutifully. So refreshing when other nations don't live up to their promises made through constitutions that are rich in words while there still are challenges of their own versions of modernization have that make it difficult to deliver direct benefits for the large majority of its peoples.

Republics are confronting turmoil as the transparency of those few beneficiaries have created further separation from the many that remain marginalized, those who find it difficult to reconcile why the 20th century, a golden age of modernization, has left many with little prosperity compared to that of their neighbors. The road to modernity must embark on a more humane note by requiring a new role model, one that delivers as a republic for the people it serves. Chinese modernization paves a new road in building a human community with a shared future.

It knows no other way than moving forward. No other reward than one shared by each and all. The Chinese are bearing the fruits to be enjoyed by all. A form of socialism in the new era as envisaged by those of thought, intent and content that is meeting the moment of now. China. The UK and its Northern Ireland(NI), each will serve as beneficiaries of a more open approach toward modernization, one that incorporates the spirit of globalization benefiting human society and the sustainability mode. 

This is the aim of Chinese modernization. We find it true – together – for our adjoined nations, for NI and its own measures of prosperity. In a manner more balanced, one that elevates the collective spirit of acceptance, understanding, cooperation and loving. Finding common ground in these most uncommon times. For the highest good of all upon the road to modernity. One paved through inclusivity and shared prosperity as humanity.

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