Chinese mainland box office reaches $294m in October
Chinese mainland box office reaches $294m in October

The total box office of the Chinese mainland in October reached 2.14 billion yuan ($294 million), with 42 million people going to theaters and 8.29 million screenings.

"Home Coming" and "Ordinary Hero" topped the charts.

Drama "Home Coming," which led October's box office with earnings of 1.41 billion yuan, is about Chinese diplomats delving into a rebel force-controlled area in a war-torn African nation to lead 125 Chinese citizens safely back to China.

The film will remain in theaters until November 30, and it seems the box office will continue to rise.

"Ordinary Hero," adapted from real events, ranked second in October. The film tells the story of a boy who broke his arm in an accident and urgently needs to go to a big city for surgery. The people he meets along the way extend a helping hand to him and he eventually makes it in time.

Since its release on September 30, the cumulative box office of "Ordinary Hero" has reached 208 million yuan.

Comedy film "Give Me Five" was released on September 9 and ranked third with a box office of 150 million yuan in October.

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