BRICS bank president on emerging economies' power & progress

This has been a special time for emerging economies. In 2021, the BRICS economy grew by 7.6 percent when the world average was 5.5 percent. The BRICS' New Development Bank (NDB), the only multilateral development bank to be completely governed by emerging economies since WWII, is celebrating its expansion to nine members from the founding five, with over 80 projects worth more than $30 billion.

In this edition of Leaders Talk, NDB President Marcos Troyjo talks to Zou Yun about the rise of emerging economies. The economic meridian is shifting towards big, emerging economies, which have big territories and populations and will contribute more to global growth. The Emerging 7 already has greater purchasing power parity than the G7. He also answers the criticism that BRICS is facing and explains the significance of the NDB's Shanghai home.

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