Fly with me: When an aloof oriental white stork comes across a talkative spoonbill

After a long journey, an aloof oriental white stork arrives at Shengjin Lake in Anhui Province to winter. When she finally gets a quiet place, a group of Eurasian spoonbills goes over to her. One of the talkative spoonbills invites the oriental white stork to join their flock and forage together. Will the oriental white stork accept the invitation? Watch this episode to find out more! 

About 'Fly with Me': 

The 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP14) takes place in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, from November 5 to 13. During this period, CGTN Nature takes you on a trip with the migratory birds to learn about the wetlands along the largest flyway in the world, the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.

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