Qu Yuan becomes the winter home of swans
Updated 10:22, 10-Nov-2022

In recent years, Yueyang Qu Yuan Management in Hunan Province has created the only artificial intervention wetland in China by improving the ecological environment of Dongting Lake. Qu Yuan is a patriotic poet in Chinese history, this area is named after him in order to commemorate him.

The ecological environment of the whole area of Dongting Lake has undergone great changes. Throughout this year, blue sky and hundreds of birds are presenting a beautiful ecological picture.


Starting in 2020, large numbers of swans come to Qu Yuan to overwinter. After a year, thousands of gray cranes landed and rare animals such as egrets, porpoises, elk and sandpipers showed up.

Since October, the number of swans has exceeded more than 2,000, the same number as last year on November 7. It is expected that by the 15th, the number of small swans in the Donggu Lake may exceed more than 3,000. This is the third year that Siberian swans have returned to the Qu Yuan to roost and overwinter.

(Test by Song Zhengjun and Zhou Yang; videos by Media Center of Qu Yuan Management)

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