How China Innovates: Domestically designed chip for space station
By Zhao Chenchen

Editor's note: "How China Innovates" is CGTN's special series from Airshow China 2022. Behind the cutting-edge aircraft and equipment, CGTN reporters reveal the country's efforts in technological innovation. In the series, you'll find how China's companies, scientists and engineers have striven to break the bottlenecks and make technological breakthroughs.

For all the control systems to work on the China Space Station, a space-level chip is at the core. A brain, so to speak. 

In an environment with high radiation in space, errors on integrated circuits can easily occur as particles are ionized and cause latch-ups.

How did Chinese engineers innovate the chip design to make chips resistant to latch-ups? Check out the video to know more.

Video production and editor: Ding Zhiyang

Graphic designer: Jia Jieqiong

Producer: Cao Qingqing

Chief editor: Wen Yaru

Director: Zhang Shilei

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