How China Innovates: Reusable launch vehicle's digital computer
By Zhao Chenchen

Editor's note: "How China Innovates" is CGTN's special series from Airshow China 2022. Behind the cutting-edge aircraft and equipment, CGTN reporters reveal the country's efforts in technological innovation. In the series, you'll find how China's companies, scientists and engineers have striven to make changes in technology that benefit humankind.

Rockets have been blasting off into space for decades, but having them return safely to Earth for reuse has required many new technological breakthroughs. Apart from the hardware design of rockets, a smart computer is at the core for reusable rockets.

A digital launch vehicle computer is in charge of the flight routing, power supply, autonomous safety data acquisition and transmission, as well as many other functions to ensure a controlled liftoff and touchdown.

This year at Airshow China, more Chinese companies are demonstrating their capability in producing reusable launch vehicles, but seldom can they design and make a rocket computer. 

For Interstellar Glory, a Beijing-based private rocket company, developing a more intelligent and cost-efficient one is the top priority. Check out this episode of "How China Innovates" to learn more.

Video production and editor: Ding Zhiyang

Graphic designer: Jia Jieqiong

Producer: Cao Qingqing

Chief editor: Wen Yaru

Director: Zhang Shilei

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