How China Innovates: China to clean up space junk with these tools
By Zhao Chenchen

Editor's note: "How China Innovates" is a CGTN special series from Airshow China 2022. Behind the cutting-edge aircraft and equipment, CGTN reporters reveal the country's efforts in technological innovation. In the series, you'll find how Chinese companies, scientists and engineers strive to make changes in technology that benefit humankind.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is bringing a comprehensive solution to space environment governance for the first time to Airshow China 2022.

China has vowed to improve space debris monitoring and expand the space environment governance system according to a white paper on space program published earlier this year.

How is China going to contribute to maintaining a better space environment? Check out the video to find out.

Video production and editor: Ding Zhiyang

Graphic designer: Jia Jieqiong

Producer: Cao Qingqing

Chief editor: Wen Yaru

Director: Zhang Shilei

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