Meet the Brazilian reporter dedicated to helping people understand China

"It's very clear to me why some of the Western media cover China the way they do, they don't understand China. The West is afraid of China, it's afraid of China's autonomy for having built its own development path," said Iara Vidal, a Brazilian reporter in China.

After touring around China herself, covering events like the 20th Party Congress and the China International Import Expo, Vidal is convinced the China that has been shown on some international media is not exactly what she saw for herself. She believed the distorted depiction is a major barrier for people from both her home country Brazil and the rest of the world to truly understand China's way of developing.

"As people from the Global South, we should be able to come together and tell our own stories," she said, believing this misrepresentation on the international media wasn't just targeting China, most of developing economies in the Global South are victims too.

"The imperialists want us to put our heads down, we need to take the rein of our own narratives," Vidal said.

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