Vijay Prashad: Big powers need to realize people need regional development

"People need regional development, that's the way forward for the world, they don't want one single power to be dominating," said Vijay Prashad, Chile-based historian and writer, Executive Director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research in an interview with CGTN. He pointed out that people in regions from across Latin America to Africa are pursuing a new relationship that is not dominated or exploited by big powers, but rather, based on mutual benefits and growth. 

After studying China's history and work plans, he believes that China is not planning to be a new hegemon as its economy becomes stronger, but rather calling all countries to go back to the international order under the UN charter that the world has already agreed on, yet wasn't fully abided by certain big powers.

"I don't think China or other countries want to establish a new system, I believe what they are saying is that we already have an international system and countries like the United States haven't given it a chance, they imposed their own thinking on the world," Prashad said. "Let's go back and give the international order a chance."

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