Strong cold front to strike China
Strong cold front to strike China

A strong cold front will hit most of China from Saturday to next Wednesday, bringing low temperatures and snow, according to a forecast from the National Meteorological Center (NMC) of China.

The cold front will first lash provincial areas including Xinjiang, Gansu and Inner Mongolia. Temperatures in those regions will drop by up to 20 degrees Celsius, and the cold wave will bring temperatures significantly lower than in previous years, according to the NMC. The cold front will also impact southern areas and cause some of the regions’ temperature to drop to almost 0 degrees Celsius.

Due to the impact of the cold front, the NMC maintained a yellow cold wave warning on Sunday morning. China has a four-tier, color-coded weather warning system, with red representing the most severe weather, followed by orange, yellow and blue. According to the center, the lowest temperature in the north of the country could occur on the morning of the November 30, and the south will reach the lowest temperature around December 2. 

As the cold front will bring not only a drop in temperature but also heavy snowfall and ice, power suppliers and agriculture authorities in northern China have been stepping up grid inspection and maintenance as well as vegetable production to ensure normal daily supply.

(With input from Xinhua. Cover image via CFP.)

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