Landing Home Ep. 4: Taiwan entrepreneur helps children with cancer on mainland
Updated 18:41, 10-Dec-2022

Born in Taipei City in China's Taiwan region, Wu Yi-chen came to the Chinese mainland with a dream to excel in the financial sector. However, her father's untimely death due to lung cancer and an encounter with a group of scientists the following year inspired her to pursue medical biotechnology. 

Later on, watching the plight of children with leukemia stimulated her to start a project named "Little Cells of Love" to help children from underprivileged backgrounds on the mainland. Since 2013, the project has helped save 279 children.


Reporters: Shi Chan, Yao Yao

Video director: Shi Chan

Scriptwriter: Yao Yao

Video editor: Shi Chan

Copy editor: Moosa Abbas

Photographers: Han Xu, Zhang Lu

Cover photo designer: Li Wenyi

Project manager: Wang Yulian

Chief editor: Chen Ran

Supervisor: Zhang Shilei

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