Iraqi people looking for closer ties with China for reconstruction

As China and several Arab states are enhancing broader cooperation amid the ongoing China-Arab States Summit, people from Iraq also expressed their growing enthusiasm for collaborating with China in more areas.

Saud Saadoun Al-Saedi, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, told CGTN in an interview that Iraqi citizens are hoping their government will work with the Chinese government in more areas under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He has launched an initiative, which he said was demanded by the Iraqi people, inside the Parliament to provide a legal basis for the memoranda of understanding and agreements reached between the two countries. With this new initiative, he hopes to boost broader collaborations between the two countries.

He further explained that the decades-long war in Iraq has brought severe damage to basic infrastructure, education systems, and healthcare systems which has had an adverse impact that lasts still today. He hopes getting more involved in the BRI will help reconstruct Iraq.

On December 9, during the ongoing China-Arab States Summit in Saudi Arabia, China vows that it will continue to support Iraq's economic reconstruction and help it restore industries, improve people's livelihood and achieve sustainable development.

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