'We Talk' COP15 Edition: Chinese pachyderms' 'papas' endeavor to protect endangered Asian elephant
Updated 20:34, 16-Dec-2022
Global Stringer

The population of Asian elephants has halved since the middle of the last century, with the largest land mammal on the continent now classified as endangered. At the Xishuangbanna Asian Elephant Breeding and Rescue Center in southwestern China, staff have been doing their best to rescue and care for Asian elephants for nearly two decades. They proudly call themselves "elephant dads." Thanks to their efforts, China's Asian elephant population has doubled to around 300. "The fact that humans and elephants live in the same rainforest reflects a model of harmonious coexistence between man and nature," said "elephant dad" Chen Jiming. The ultimate goal of these carers is to return all elephants in captivity to nature.

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