'We Talk' World Cup Edition: The football story of indigenous youth in Guatemala
Global Stringer

Melvin Perez is a textile worker from San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala. San Antonio Palopo is a Mayan settlement inhabited by the Kaqchikel people, who make their living from agriculture, textiles and pottery. However, Perez and his friends have a bigger football dream. 

Perez has loved football since he was a child. He has never missed one World Cup game since he can remember. Even when he cannot watch live TV because of work, he will turn on the radio to listen to the game. In his spare time, he often plays football with his brothers and friends on a local cement playground. Because of his love, he also joins an amateur team where he plays every week on the pitch by the sea. His favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, and his favorite team is Portugal, but he hopes that one day the Guatemala national team can also compete in the World Cup. "We've always wanted to play on bigger pitches," Perez said, "I want the world to see what the youth from San Antonio can do."

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