Vultures recorded for the first time in Beihai, Guangxi


On December 18, the staff of the management office of Guangxi Beihai Binhai National Wetland Park found three vultures, which are National class I protected animals.

Wetland Park Patrol Captain Tang Wenli said, at 8 a.m. that day, they received a call from a nearby villager, who said he found three black eagles in the soccer field, one of which was entangled in the net.

"When I arrived, I saw one hanging on the net and the other two hovering in the air. The raptor was very large, with two wings spread about 1.6 meters long. I had not seen this raptor before, so I took a photo and sent it to the monitor, and it turned out to be a juvenile vulture.”

Tang put on his gloves and carefully walked up to the trapped vulture. The bird was very alert and tried to peck him with its neck out. After some reassurance, the vulture slowly relaxed its guard. Together with the birdwatcher, Tang held the vulture's head down, then cut the net with a knife and released it.

Experts said that vulture chicks are often driven by adults to find habitat after they grow up. This wandering habit of vulture is conducive to the spread of the population. Vultures are rare in China even in the areas where they live, such as Sichuan, Qinghai and Tibet. The discovery of the vulture is the first time the species has been recorded in Beihai City.

The vulture is now gradually recovering, with a sprained right wing and shoulder. The staff will release it after observation.

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