Giant pandas having great fun on snow days in NW China

Snow days are exciting for the giant pandas at the Qinling Giant Panda Research Center in northwest China's Shaanxi Province. They were seen rolling around on the ground, wrestling with each other and sliding down a slope.

Qi Zai, the world's only captive brown panda, also lives here. Qi Zai is a Qinling panda, a subspecies of the giant panda whose fur is light brown. Compared to the wild ones, the captive one is less strong. A staff member uses a carrot to tempt Qizai into standing on its hind legs as a way to exercise its muscles. 

Giant pandas have better appetites in colder weather. An adult can consume about 50 kilograms of bamboo every day in winter. The research center transports fresh bamboo from southern Shaanxi every winter to meet the demand.

(Cover image via CFP.)

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